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About Us 

Who We Are

We are award-winning journalists and public relations experts who are passionate about the art of communication. The extensive knowledge and skills we have amassed from working with many of the world's greatest speakers, are at the core of every coaching session, along with our key storyteller approach.


We prepare clients for every speaking opportunity, whether it’s a press interview, product launch, keynote address, media tour, panel discussion, stakeholder meeting, and everything in between. In today’s digital age, any misstep can haunt you for a long time, and it’s critical that leaders learn how to cut to the chase and hit the high points. 

Where We Train

We can replicate any scenario you might face, whether one-on-one at your office or with your team. However, no two training sessions are the same. We tailor each one to your specific needs, whether it's for one hour, a full day, or longer.

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We are not simply former journalists who give you a glimpse at how the other side works.  We are media experts who draw upon thousands of news media, training, public relations and corporate relations experiences to give you the most valuable and effective advice.