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Our Team

Each of our trainers and coaches has varied specialties and expertise. However, there is one unifying characteristic: They all have outstanding journalistic and media credentials. They have been in the hot seat.  They know what effective answers look like because they have been on both sides of media interviews. They know what it takes to get the right message across, and draw upon thousands of news media, training, public relations and corporate relations, and public speaking experiences to give you the most valuable and effective feedback, advice and coaching.

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Allen Carrier, Founder and CEO of Carrier Media Co.,  is an award-winning journalist, media strategist, and political appointee who has served three presidential administrations and covered some of the most controversial and public affairs issues of our time.  Learn more ▷

No one can position a celebrity or product better than John Gabaldon. His intuitive ability to find the core of a brand name and frame it in a way that captures media attention, has made him a sought after PR expert worldwide.  Learn more

Sharon L. King brings over 30 years of legendary broadcasting experience to Carrier. From Walter Cronkite to Larry King to producing the first nationally syndicated Charlie Rose Show, her contributions in network operations  Learn More


Mike Carberry is one of the most knowledgeable business strategists globally, bringing to Carrier his highly sought after and prodigious communications expertise, from the White House to boardrooms around the world. Inducted into  Learn More

Al Barr has 25+ years of experience as a corporate spokesman and media strategist for many of the world's top companies, including Nokia, Sprint, pharmaceutical giants Merck and Pfizer, and some of the nation's largest trade associations and government agencies.  Learn more

Donn Walker is one of the most experienced names in crisis communications around the world, having handled some of the airline industry's biggest mishaps, product recalls nationwide, and the financial fallouts on Wall Street.  Learn more

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With his long and distinguished career as Senior Manager of Flight Safety at American Airlines and the former Deputy Chairman of the (APA) National Safety Committee, John Deleeuw's credentials as a communications expert run deep.   Learn More


As Carrier’s Director of Training Services, Morgan Hamilton brings with her a keen eye for anticipating our clients’ every need. Morgan serves as a key researcher in advance of media training sessions, gathering vital information on the    Learn More