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Crisis Management

Any situation that could potentially damage your reputation and bottom line is a crisis, especially when people’s lives are in danger. This is not something that can or should be taken lightly or dealt with poorly.  A lot is at risk, from the harm to an organization, its stakeholders, and the general public.  Even before a crisis strikes, companies should always think about how a disaster would impact both the organization and others, and have in place a solid manner of response. 

In the end, it is all about how you respond that will determine the overall damage, a lot which can be prevented by responding promptly and appropriately. 

For organizations prone to media exposure, journalists won’t sit around waiting to hear from you; they expect an immediate response, and can add fuel to the flames, if they don’t get it.  So it is absolutely vital to keep your head above the fire and respond proactively, instead of issuing the standard “no comment.”

Silence is the death of any organization, and time the biggest fuel in any crisis situation. So the more time you spend trying to refine your message and running it through committees, the more harm you will do. 

We have years of experience, staving off this kind of impact and helping organizations and individuals keep their heads above the fire.  We design our sessions around any crisis situation since we have experienced them all, from airplane crashes to volatile political situations and celebrity downfalls. 

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