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JOHN GABALDON | Tech and Entertainment Specialist

No one can position a celebrity or product better than John Gabaldon. His intuitive ability to find the core of a brand name and frame it in a way that captures media attention, has made him a sought after PR expert worldwide. His roster of clients include Motorola, Sprint, Bose, Hilton Hotels, Levi Strauss, Nissan Motors, Frito-Lay and Hunt’s.  

As a publicist for Fox Entertainment, he coached clients to grab audiences on shows like Ellen, Oprah, ABC Good Morning America and HGTV network.

His extensive knowledge of TV helped launch publicity for Sony’s Game Show Network, ESPN Digital Games and Battle Top, and he has managed such celebrities as Naomi Campbell, Kathy Ireland, and even Miss Piggy.

At Carrier, John shares with clients his keen understanding of what contributes to a flawless media appearance and how to get the right kind of coverage for their brand name or product.  Working with top clients in a broad range of industries — from  international media and technology companies, to on-air news and entertainment talent, John brings an extensive media training skill set.

He has held top-level positions at some of the largest PR agencies, including entertainment giants, Hill & Knowlton and Rogers & Cowan. He has also led domestic and international publicity teams, providing public relations services to boost tourism in India and Latin America as well as trade between Asia and the U.S., and created numerous and successful digital and multi-platform PR strategies as a social media PR executive at  


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