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Media Training

Executives and brands must make their mark in the media to drive business, influence investors, capture attention, and get reporters excited about what they're doing.  But media interviews are not easy.  It takes a great deal of skill to get them right, and vital that spokespeople are trained and able to communicate your message consistently and effectively.

Carrier prepares you by asking all the questions that journalists are likely to ask in press and broadcast interviews, as well as all the tricks to avoid. We do our research and provide the most valuable and relevant feedback, explaining where you are going wrong and how to highlight your key points in the first few seconds.

In this age of 140-character comments, executives and brands can't afford to be wordy, so it's essential to tighten up your talking points and cut to the chase. 

Whether it's a one-on-one interview, down-the-line, live link, phone-in, radio, or news or press conference, we make sure you keep it tight, maintain your cool, and understand what makes a great story — and a potentially damaging one.

Additional areas of focus: