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Message Development

Relevance is the key to effective messaging.  As Eric Clapton once said, when asked the difference between a great guitarist and a good one, "A great guitarist knows what to leave out."  In order to rally the herds, you have to be able to distill your messages because the less you say, the more people will remember. .

At Carrier we focus on helping you refine your messages so they are simple, concrete and credible.  When you focus on talking points alone, your messages won't be heard or understood, and won't have lasting power. 

In the end, communications can't always be controlled, but key messages can, and organizations that deliver them consistently and concisely, are quoted more, misquoted less, and develop better relationships with reporters. 

We focus on making sure you deliver the right messages, in the right way,  and with the most impact.

Additional areas of focus: