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On-Air Interviews

The media is like a hungry beast. It has to eat. Yet knowing how to stay in control of it during an interview isn't easy. If you don't give them the right food, they'll go hunting for it, and that's when you get in trouble. When it comes to interviews, it is critical to understand what you're there for and to know how to deal with the difficult situations that arise, since media interviews can range from friendly to hostile and everything in between.

Essential to this is knowing the four different parts to an interview — Statement, Evidence, Conclusion, and Shut Up. When you start rambling on and saying more than you should, that's when the reporter gets the real news. So it's vital to know how to stay in control and the tactics used to throw you off, whether it's in print, electronic, or in a TV studio. 

At Carrier we show you how to survive the tough questions, how to turn nervousness into energy, and how to stay in control of the interview and master the delivery.

Additional areas of focus: