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Presentations and Speeches

The ability to speak in public will make you an expert in your industry.  It will win you trust and credibility, and will open doors to many opportunities. The great speakers, however, don't simply get up and start talking. They carefully structure their ideas and stories to hold audience interest and make their key points. 

At Carrier we teach you how to give powerful presentations that not only engage audiences but keep the audience focused on you and not their cell phones.  We also help you craft your story and personalize it in order to connect with the audience. No matter how big the crowd, the goal is to make everyone feel as if you are speaking to each of them personally.

Key to this is the Rule of 3, and the most persuasive number in communications. Julius Caesar ‘Veni, vidi, vici’ — I came, I saw, I conquered;  Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address ‘We cannot dedicate — we cannot consecrate — we cannot hallow — this ground.’ ; Steve Jobs 'thinner, lighter, and faster.'  Jobs also never used a single bullet point.  Not once.

 Most importantly, however, is that you make a difference. We therefore make certain you have something of value to say that will make a tangible difference to the personal or professional lives of the audience.  It's the difference between speaking to 60 people and inspiring 60 million.

Additional areas of focus for presentations:

Additional areas of focus for speeches: